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News – Meeting at Milland

January 1970 | by Mike Taylor

Meeting at Milland


Many may ask ‘Where is Milland?’ It is a beautiful village on the border of Surrey and Sussex, where Rev. Gareth Jones ministers.

This was the location for a great evening in March when the work of Pastor Training International (PTI) and Christian Books Worldwide (CBW) was presented.

Alan Levy, who had just returned from Liberia (see p. 17), gave an insight into the conferences he held with untrained pastors in this hostile region. There had been government warnings about going to this country, but, as it transpired, he felt entirely safe both in the north and at Ganta in the south.

PTI had been invited to Liberia by a local pastor to commence what, we trust, will be a three year, short-course syllabus in effective expository preaching.

David Ide had just returned from Ukraine for CBW and recounted some of the highlights from his 80 or so visits to this country. Incredibly, open doors exist even for the open-air preaching of the gospel.

Much good work is enabled by the publishing of reformed literature in Ukraine in Russian, by Biblos Alfa. Paul Brunning (London Theological Seminary) gave a report on the remarkable growth of PTI over the past six years.

Mike Taylor for CBW highlighted the huge heritage of reformed literature that the Western church holds, demonstrating the urgent need to get good books to the developing world where the church is 50 per cent larger and growing faster, but where the theological training is least.

The wonderful catering for this evening was only excelled by the warm ministry of Pastor Jones.

Mike Taylor

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