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News – Men of Kent – Men of God 2007

January 2008 | by Paul Mitchell

Men of Kent – Men of God 2007

What began five years ago as a day of encouragement and fellowship for evangelical Christian men living in Kent, now draws men from all over the UK and even Europe.

This year’s conference attracted 170 to Herne Bay Court Christian Centre to hear speakers address the theme of ‘Living for Christ in a time of crisis’.

Pastor Doug McMasters from Trinity Road Chapel, Tooting, drew on the examples of church history in his sessions entitled ‘Christians facing the lions’, to show how martyrs responded to the difficulties of the days in which they lived.

Though we may think living for Christ in our post-modern society is difficult, they laboured under greater opposition than we may ever experience, yet remained faithful.

Pastor Tim Saunders of Cheam Baptist Church ably dealt with the subject ‘Crisis in the Church – attacks from within and without’. While strident atheism is an obvious danger, insidious attacks come from those who appear to have evangelical credentials yet preach another gospel.

Steve Brady, Principal of Moorlands College, was as ever practical in his application of Scripture while dealing with the subject ‘Faith in the firing line’. He exhorted us to be men of integrity and not destroy ourselves by allowing tradition to have precedence over Scripture.

Unique to this large gathering of men was the quality of hymn singing. This outstanding day of teaching and fellowship also marked the conclusion of the ministry of Herne Bay Court Christian Centre, after 59 years. The conference organisers presented each member of staff with a MacArthur Study Bible.

The 2008 conference will be on Saturday 6th December, with venue and programme to be announced in due course. CDs can be purchased from the Martyn Lloyd-Jones Recordings Trust, who have a mailing list for the next conference (01233 662262).

D. Paul Mitchell & Geoff Thomas


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