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News – New co-pastor for Dewsbury

August 2010 | by Graham Heaps

New co-pastor for Dewsbury


Daniel Grimwade, formerly assistant to Geoff Thomas at Alfred Place Baptist Church in Aberystwyth, and later pastor at Thornhill Baptist Church, has been inducted as co-pastor at Dewsbury Evangelical Church.

     On Sunday 23 May, the church welcomed him officially. This was a joyful day for the fellowship, which had long felt the need to strengthen its leadership with a second full-time elder, but which had been hampered by lack of a suitable candidate and adequate financial resources.

     The latter obstacle was overcome by a substantial gift made to the church 18 months ago. Then Mr Grimwade arrived at the church in sad circumstances 15 months ago, with plans to move away from the area. At that point, he was engaged to work for the church on a short-term basis, while he considered his future. His service led to an increasingly widespread desire within the fellowship that Daniel might consider staying with the church and continue to serve the Lord locally.

     When that desire was expressed to Daniel in a near unanimous invitation, he joyfully responded and is now working along with Graham Heaps, who was appointed the first pastor of the newly planted church in November 1973.

     At the two induction services, God’s Word was delightfully ministered from the opening verses of Philippians 2 by Steven Curry, from Bangor in Northern Ireland.

     In the morning service he spoke on the importance of maintaining and deepening unity among God’s people. In the afternoon, he presented the self-humbling Christ as the pattern for, and motivation to, service within the church.

     The presence at the afternoon gathering of many visitors from local and other churches was a particular blessing to the church. It was a truly encouraging day, for which we thank the Lord. We covet the prayers of all who read this report for the ongoing work of the Dewsbury church.

Graham Heaps


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