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News – Plea for Pakistan

November 2009

Plea for Pakistan


Christians in Pakistan are under increasing fear of persecution since the death of Robert Danish, a Christian accused of desecrating the Quran.

     On 11 September, an angry Muslim mob burned a church to the ground and ransacked two Christian houses in Sambarial (Sialkot) in the Punjab.

     This followed the arrest of professing Christian Robert, who had been charged under the blasphemy laws.

     According to the Pakistani Christian Post, Robert had been arrested because Mohammad Asghar Ali, the village barber, accused Robert of pushing his daughter Hina Ali aside, which caused her to drop the Quran in a drain.

     Earlier, the village Muslims had accused Robert of having an affair with Hina, and threatened to kill him if he did not leave her. He was found dead in the special security zone of Sialkot Central Jail the following Saturday in police custody.

     The police have recorded a verdict of suicide; family and legal representatives of Robert believe that he was murdered.


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