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News – Preparing for marriage – Pete Jackson

September 2007 | by David Magowan

Preparing for marriage
Pete Jackson
The Good Book Company; 64 pages; £6.00
ISBN: 978-1905-56436-1

This marriage-preparation course has been produced for use with couples who are not Christians. It is unashamedly evangelistic and is based on the premise that if those intending to marry are not relating to God in a right way, then they will not relate to each other in a right way.

The material is designed to be presented in four sessions. The first session looks at marriage as part of God’s creation order; the second session considers the effect of sin on our relationship with God and with others; the third session uses the selfless sacrifice of Jesus as a model for marriage; and the final session considers the issue of commitment – to Christ and to one another.

There is a 24-page study guide (£3) for the couple. This encourages them to do some thinking in advance of the sessions, prints the biblical text to be studied, and poses questions for discussion and for further consideration.

The material is attractively presented and the course clearly presents the gospel, alongside the other issues that are the standard fare of marriage preparation.

David Magowan

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