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News – Scientism’s naivety

December 2008

Scientism’s naivety


Britain’s leading supporter of evolution – and critic of religious faith – Professor Richard Dawkins is retiring from his post at Oxford University to write a book warning against fairytales and witchcraft. He hopes to write a children’s book on how to think about the world, contrasting scientific with mythical thinking.

     The academic and author wants to safeguard children against believing in ‘anti-scientific’ fairytales and warn parents against teaching them. Also in his sights are spells and wizards, such as found in Harry Potter and Philip Pullman’s Dark Materials trilogy.

     With more people, especially the young, believing in magic and witchcraft, and with films, television and books full of sorcery and enchantments, Professor Dawkins will have a big target to aim at. He will have to be careful though, as he might find himself contending alongside Christians against the same superstitions!

     In addition, Prof. Dawkins is targeting children for this next project because he believes they are being ‘abused’ by being taught about religion at school and labelled Christian, Jewish or Muslim from a young age.

     Speaking recently at a conference of the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain – a group of Britons who have renounced Islam – Prof. Dawkins said: ‘Do not ever call a child a Muslim child or a Christian child. That is a form of child abuse, because a young child is too young to know what its views are about the cosmos or morality’.


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