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News – Somalia

September 2008



Sayid Ali Sheik Luqman Hussein, a young Christian convert from Islam, was shot dead by Islamic extremists on 10 July in the town of Afgyoye, Somalia. Mr Hussein, who was 28, became a Christian in 2004 and had been active in telling people in his community about his faith.

     On 8 July, two Muslim men approached Mr Hussein and asked him whether he faced Mecca when praying. He answered that as a Christian he did not have to face a specific direction to pray, as God is everywhere. The two Muslims returned two days later armed with guns and shot Mr Hussein dead.

     His wife, who was pregnant at the time, went into premature labour when she heard about her husband’s death. The baby was stillborn. In recent months, attacks against Christians by Islamic extremists have increased in Somalia.

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