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News – Songs of Praise

October 2009

Songs of Praise


The BBC has appointed a new series editor for Songs of Praise.

     David Taviner, who has been working in TV for 25 years, has thirteen years’ experience of religious broadcasting. This includes launching Radio Humberside’s live Sunday morning religious programme, It’s Sunday, as well as producing Morning worship for BBC Radio 4 and Good morning Sunday for BBC Radio 2.

     For an organisation dogged by concern over the appointment of a Muslim, Aaqil Ahmed, as head of religion and ethics and commissioning editor for TV, the choice of Taviner seems a careful one. He has expressed his faith in God, stating publicly that journalism and Christianity are not incompatible.

     Songs of Praise is now the only prime-time religious programme, on free-to-view TV, in Europe, and possibly the world.

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