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News – South Essex Bible Convention

July 2008 | by Robert Winston

South Essex Bible Convention


Fryerns Baptist Church at Basildon was the venue in early June for the annual meeting of the South Essex Bible Convention. Some 35 people representing eight evangelical churches were drawn together to hear Paul Taylor of the ‘Answers in Genesis’ movement deliver two seminars.

     The first seminar, on the subject of ‘Dinosaurs and the Bible’, promoted a lively question and answer session prior to the lunch break. The second seminar, on ‘The universe – God or Big Bang’, promoted lively interest in the perceived suppression of the biblical creationist viewpoint by the popular media.

     It is to be hoped that various creationist societies now in existence will, despite differing pre-suppositional stances, do much to redress this perceived notion. In June 2009, SEBC hopes to be addressed by Dr John Blanchard.

Dr Robert Winston

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