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News – St Kitts exhibition

October 2010 | by Marylynn Rouse

St Kitts exhibition


The John Newton Project (JNP) has reprinted 2000 copies of Ministry on my mind, and has sent the design for a display on the life of John Newton as hymn-writer and pastor to the printers. This is for an exhibition in St Kitts.

     Each of the ten banner designs depicts stages in Newton’s life using images, manuscripts and quotes. The display is being shipped out by Transpakship, and the organisers are inviting schools and colleges to view God’s work of grace in and through John Newton.

     Pray that the St Kitts display might communicate the grace of God to unbelievers, and stir up believers to witness boldly. The JNP is praying too for an opportunity to print and make use of a full copy of the display in the UK.

Marylynn Rouse



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