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News – Tall walls fall

November 2010 | by Matthew Pickhaver

Tall walls fall


Next came, ‘The call that made the tall wall fall!’ – the battle of Jericho and the unexpected way in which God made Joshua and the people conquerors. The memory verse was Romans 8:37.

     The quiz involved blowing long and loud on vuvuzelas (rams’ horns were unavailable!) and everybody contributed to a collage of the famous scene, now on the wall of the church for all to see. 

    Towards the end of the final session, parents and friends returned to watch the group recite their memory verses and sing the week’s theme songs. Refreshments were then enjoyed together.  

     In all, 41 children came, of whom 14 were new to our children’s events, including one family of six who in turn brought three friends, which was encouraging.

     A special booklet was given out containing the daily memory verse to colour and a space in which to illustrate each lesson. Twenty-six children won a prize for completing these thoroughly, most of whom learned all three verses off by heart.

     The children’s behaviour was excellent and they listened well during the lessons, one afterwards asking particularly poignant questions about salvation. Do pray that each child and family represented will be able to say with Joshua, ‘As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord’.


Matthew Pickhaver

Editor’s note: It is good to get regular excellent reports of the children’s work at OBFPC. We welcome such reports from other churches too.

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