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News – Teenage abortions

January 2009

Teenage abortions


Government ministers are considering wider use of contraceptive jabs and implants to cut down on teenage abortions. Youngsters considered at risk of unplanned pregnancies will be advised by their GPs to use these methods of contraception, which could render them infertile for three years.

     Abortion clinics will also be required to offer immediate contraceptive advice to women following the termination of pregnancies. Anyone declining the advice will be recalled and asked to consider having implants or injections.

     Almost a third of terminations are repeat abortions, with a ‘spike’ in unplanned pregnancies among girls aged 16-18. Last year 20,289 abortions were carried out on girls under 18. Currently, around 7% of women have contraceptive jabs or implants.

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