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June 2014

The work of the gospel at Port Harcourt in Nigeria is showing strong signs of God’s blessing, according to Pastor Ani Ekpo in his latest prayer letter.

According to Mr Ekpo, the year opened with a prayer conference for missions, entitled ‘The challenge of missions’, during which both clothes and funds were raised to send to church planters for distribution.

At the same time, the Port Harcourt’s evangelistic Sunday school for children of all ages reopened after the Christmas break, with 200 children in attendance. There has also been a day school opened, with 219 children on the roll from nursery to secondary age, although the church needs to buy the land which it currently leases for a permanent block for the classrooms.

Earlier this year, Maciek Stolarski, an elder of Grace Baptist Church, Southport, taught on Bible overview and the book of Habakkuk. The attendance was rising each day, with 100 on the last day.

Mr Ekpo said, ‘Pray that the Lord would help the men to make use of these teachings in their ministries in their different churches. We appreciate the support of the free literature we received from Grace Baptist Mission to aid our pastors and students’.

He added that the Reformed Foundations Theological Seminary has also been growing in strength and numbers, with 15 new students in the diploma year-1 and the same number in bachelor year-2. One of the students came 150km to attend the church training seminary.

Meanwhile, the congregation of the church is now serving as a ‘mother church’ to several branch churches and fellowships now springing up in the south east of Nigeria, although there is still opposition, not just from Muslim extremists but also a growing unbiblical Charismatic movement.




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