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Nigeria: Fulani crisis worsens

November 2019

Baroness Cox
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Christians are being systematically wiped out in the north of Nigeria, while pastors and church leaders are being killed and kidnapped.

The United Nations has claimed that religious violence in the African country is ‘spiralling out of control’, describing a ‘pressure cooker of injustice’ in Nigeria.

Release International has warned that the Fulani militia are being used to fit an agenda of Islamisation.

The Christian Association of Nigeria said in Kaduna state alone, more than 500 Christians have been abducted in the past four years.

Since 2011, an estimated 11,000 people have been killed in conflict featuring Fulani militia. The death toll is said to be six times higher than that caused by Boko Haram terrorists.

Last year, the Christian Association of Nigeria said, ‘The impression has now been firmly established the Islamists of northern Nigeria have “legalised jihad” in Nigeria’.

During a recent debate in the House of Lords, Baroness Cox commented, ‘There are concerns the Fulani militants are possibly fighting a proxy war for Boko Haram, with the shared agenda of driving Christians out of their homelands in northern and central-belt Nigeria’.

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