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Nigeria: Mass violence against Christians could turn into genocide

August 2020

Former Congressman Frank Wolf speaking in 2012 at the Enough Project (Creative Commons Flickr)
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Former US Congressman Frank Wolf has warned the ‘failed’ response by the US government to the religious violence being committed against Christians in Nigeria could lead to another mass genocide, as seen in Rwanda and Darfur.

Mr Wolf – the erstwhile Republican representative from Virginia – took part in a Zoom call with advocacy group In Defence of Christians. Also on the call were Genocide Watch’s Greg Stanton, along was Nigerian bishops and other religious freedom advocates.

According to the Christian Post, Mr Wolf said, ‘When the world and the US ignored genocide in Rwanda, hundreds of thousands of people died. History, I believe, is repeating itself.

‘Almost daily reports show increasing violence and death in Nigeria. An implosion of Nigeria will destabilise the surrounding countries and send millions of refugees into Europe and beyond.’

Last month, Evangelical Times reported one study has put the number of Christians killed by Islamic militants at 36,000 since 2009.

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