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March 2013


The Bible may be losing its influence among younger Christians, church leaders have warned.
    Speakers, such as Chris Wright of the Langham Partnership, warned that, although there is an essential connection between becoming like Jesus and an ongoing immersion in the Bible, the vital, guiding light of Scripture could be losing its influence amongst younger Christians.
    His comments were among those shared during the Langham Partnership’s ‘nine-a-day’ campaign, which began in January. The campaign aims to remind Christians that we cannot allow the Bible to slip from its role as a guiding light into growing Christ-likeness.
    Mr Wright said, ‘The only Christ we have is the one given to us in the Scriptures. Clearly, if we want to become like the Jesus we proclaim, then we need to read the Bible that Jesus read’.
    Vaughan Roberts, minister of St Ebbes, Oxford, said, ‘The Spirit is largely at work through his Word’, adding, ‘We mainly hear about the Jesus we long to become like through his Word’.
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