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February 2013


The Langham Partnership, brainchild of the late Rev. John Stott, has launched a special campaign to encourage Christians to become more like the Lord Jesus Christ. The campaign is called ‘9-a-day: Becoming like Jesus’ and will run online until July.
     According to a statement from the Langham Partnership, ‘Christlikeness, or becoming like Jesus, is God’s purpose for every Christian and the 9-a-day campaign has been launched in order to encourage such transformation. We become more like Jesus as we hear and obey God’s Word and cultivate the fruit of God’s Spirit’.
    The Langham Partnership aims to strengthen the ministry of God’s Word by training and giving resources to Christian leaders who preach and teach the Bible so that their churches grow in Christlikeness and maturity.
    A dedicated web site ( has been stocked with free resources for Christians keen to take this journey of transformation. More material will be released each month from January to July 2013.

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