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December 2007 | by Derek Alcock


On Saturday 13 October, 200 gathered to share in the service of ordination and induction of Paul Milner to the pastorate of Reynard Way Evangelical Church, Northampton.

Our previous pastor Brian Wilkinson, who retired in March 2006 after 43 years of ministry at Reynard Way, took part in the service, as did Pastor Roger Fay, a former church member. Stuart Olyott gave the charge to the minister and church.

Paul explained how God brought about his conversion and called him to preach. A further call had brought him to the work at Reynard Way.

After responding to questions relating to his reliance on the Lord and commitment to live as ‘befits a minister of the gospel of Christ’, he was ordained by the elders, Brian Wilkinson and Stuart Olyott, who commended Paul to the Lord in prayer.

Derek Alcock, an elder, explained how the church came to call Paul Milner as pastor. Paul attended the church for six years and became a member two years ago. While he was pursuing studies in preparation for ministry, the church recognised that the Lord was leading them to invite him to be their pastor.

For the induction, elder Graham Wheeler put further questions to Paul and his wife Julia, and also to church members and regular worshippers. These underlined the commitment needed from all for the Lord’s work.

Stuart Olyott preached on the parable of the sower (Mark 4). He emphasised the need to sow the seed of God’s Word in all circumstances and at all times.

Many past members and friends from local churches joined us for this happy occasion and we enjoyed further fellowship over tea.

The church has already benefited from Paul Milner’s ministry in the past year. We value the prayers of God’s people, as together we move forward to another phase in the Lord’s work here.

Derek Alcock
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