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Norway: Muslims beat and attempt to force the conversion of street preacher

March 2020

Screenshot of Mr Fløttum from N Direkte news show
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Four Muslim men abducted, beat, and robbed a Christian street preacher in Trondheim, Norway, demanding at knifepoint he convert to Islam or be killed.

Roar Fløttum, who regularly preaches on the streets of the city, was lured away last year by the men to pray for a friend who, they falsely claimed, had injured his foot.

After pushing Mr Fløttum down a flight of stairs and beating him about the head, the gang took his bank cards, extracted his passcodes, and stole money from his accounts.

They then tried to force him to recite Arabic words, probably the Islamic creed, and demanded he ‘convert to Islam or die’, while threatening him with a knife.

However, Mr Fløttum told reporters he would continue his evangelism work in Trondheim. The incident happened after tensions flared in the country, which has struggled to integrate Muslim refugees.

The same month, the head of Stop Islamisation of Norway set a copy of the Koran on fire in the city of Kristiansand, sparking outrage from many Muslim nations.

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