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Nun shall pass

September 2014

A nun took action to remove a black flag, reportedly bearing the ISIS symbol, after it was put up by some local youths in Tower Hamlets, London.

The flag, which had been put up on the gates of an East London housing estate, above the Palestinian flag, had sparked outrage, with one passer-by complaining that he had been questioned whether he was Jewish.

However, according to newspaper reports, when the council came to remove the controversial flag, it had already been taken down from the Will Crooks estate; Sister Christine Frost, a Roman Catholic nun, had removed the flag to prevent racial tension from escalating.

Sister Christine is understood to run a charity supporting vulnerable residents in the area. On the day the council came to take the flag down, she was reported to be at the seaside on a day trip with some of the youths from the estate.

In a statement, Lutfur Rahman, mayor of Tower Hamlets, said, ‘I will not stand for anti-Semitism or any other form of hate in this borough. I am deeply concerned by media reports of abusive language’.



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