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OAC Ministries

February 2015

OAC Ministries (Open Air Campaigners) has begun its course in creative evangelism, called Streetwise, to help people focus on outdoor witness. Meeting together one Saturday monthly, from January to June, in Stratford, London, volunteers will develop their ability to work together as a team on the streets.

Personal evangelism, creative illustration on sketchboards, and effective preaching, using creative object lessons, are on offer. The course aims to help prepare for open air evangelism, sharpening outreach skills and learning new ones.

Steve Harris, OAC training director, said, ‘The Bible says that the role of the evangelist is to train and equip the church. Streetwise is just one way to build up people’s confidence in being able to effectively share the gospel’.

There is scope to join the course at different stages. (More from or 07742 724132.)




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