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Ofcom cuts ties with Stonewall scheme as Simon Callow says the charity is turning ‘tyrannical’

October 2021 | by Evangelical Times

Simon Callow CREDIT: Good Morning Britain / YouTube
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Ofcom, the UK’s media regulator, has become the latest agency to withdraw from Stonewall’s controversial ‘diversity scheme’.

In a statement, Ofcom said it would still take part in the LGBT lobby group’s Workplace Equality Index, but has decided to distance itself from Stonewall’s ‘Diversity Champions’ programme.

Ofcom’s departure is the latest in a string of public bodies to have left Stonewall’s flagship scheme, which rewards employers for promoting LGBT ideology inside and outside of the workplace.

As reported in Evangelical Times earlier this year, the Equality and Human Rights Commission revealed that it had ended its membership of Stonewall’s scheme.

The House of Commons, the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency, and the employment dispute service ACAS have also cut ties.

A statement on the Ofcom website, dated 31 August, read, ‘In recent months there has been significant scrutiny of some of Stonewall’s policy positions.

‘In Ofcom’s case, we have considered whether our relationship with Stonewall poses a conflict or risk of perceived bias. Stepping back from the Diversity Champions programme, in light of this, is the right thing to do.

‘As the communications regulator, an important part of our responsibility is to ensure we remain impartial and independent at all times.’

In July, ET reported that Nancy Kelley, chief executive of Stonewall, had compared people who believe in biological sex with anti-Semites. When questioned about her comments, she said the comparison was ‘apt’.

The split between Ofcom and Stonewall came as actor and gay rights campaigner Simon Callow told The Times that Stonewall was taking a ‘strange turn to the tyrannical’ over its views on self-identification for transgender people.

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