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‘Operation Trojan Horse’

April 2014

The National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) is investigating a suspected Islamist plot to oust head teachers at schools in Birmingham and replace them with Muslims, the BBC has revealed.

A letter leaked to the BBC, which details a plan called ‘Operation Trojan Horse’, was allegedly sent from someone in Birmingham to a contact in Bradford.

The letter had apparently been sent to twelve Birmingham schools early in November last year, but had only become public after the NAHT heard, in February, that an extremist group was attempting to engineer the sacking of head teachers who did not agree with Islamic aims.

The letter boasts that up to four schools have already been taken over and more have been set up for a fall, and claims that such methods could be implemented in Bradford to help take over schools.

It claims that Muslim parents at the schools were being used in the fight, and said the most orthodox Muslims, the Salafi, were being ‘enlisted’ to help the cause, by ‘turning parents against the head teacher and the leadership team’.

It said parents could ‘be encouraged to turn against the leadership team, if they are told the school is “corrupting their children with sex education, teaching about homosexuals or making their children pray Christian prayers”.’

According to the BBC, the letter said the Birmingham plot centred on the twelve schools identified as being ‘vulnerable’ and subject to measures by the educational watchdog Ofsted, claiming these would be the easiest targets.

However, it is claimed that victories achieved in these soft-target schools could pave the way for an eventual take-over of other schools.

The BBC report said that, in February, the head teachers of the schools met Birmingham City Council to discuss their concerns. It is now understood that the NAHT, the Department of Education and the police are working to investigate the validity of these claims.





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