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Outdoor baptisms in County Dublin bring joy during a time of pandemic

June 2021 | by Evangelical Times

‘They that gladly received his word were baptised’ (Acts 2:41). In the providence of God, 4 April was a beautiful day in south County Dublin. Seven miles to the south of Dublin city centre is Dún Laoghaire, a small coastal town.

Just after the Sunday morning service at Arann Reformed Baptist Church (we have been conducting outside services since last December), we went to Sandycove harbour for the baptism of two people who have to come to faith in the Saviour.

There was a good number of people already there for the purpose of fun and relaxation. They were probably not expecting to see what was about to happen.

One young child was overheard asking her father, ‘What are they doing?’ The reply was, ‘Some religious thing.’ We do pray that more would have been perceived than just some ‘religious thing’!

Needless to say, we looked on with great joy as Rachael and Peter publicly professed their faith in Christ and underwent baptism.

Rachael is from Singapore and an undergraduate at university in Dublin. Reflecting on her journey to baptism, she said, ‘During my time in Dublin, I have been attending Arann Reformed Baptist Church. I came to know the Lord about six years ago through the witness of my aunt and uncle.

‘I was baptised as an infant in the Roman Catholic Church, but in the last year the Lord has impressed upon me that it is a good thing to be baptised as a believer. The Lord has been patient and kind toward me despite my unworthiness and slowness in obeying him. May all praise be to him!’

Peter is a local man and ex-Roman Catholic. He was converted to Christ about five years ago after reading the Bible.

I met him in the city centre of Dublin during open-air preaching in 2020 and he started attending our church. We conduct this form of outreach every Thursday and Saturday, and Peter has proved a wonderful example of the fruit it can bear.

Over the winter, we have cancelled only one outside service due to extreme weather conditions. The Lord has dealt with us graciously. Also, we have grown in numbers as some from other churches have become weary of only meeting online for over a year.

We are thankful to our God that behind the dark providence of pandemics and lockdowns there has been a ‘smiling face’.

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