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Overcoming addiction

June 2015 | by Colin Wilson

A church in Cardiff has launched a drop-in centre for people struggling to overcome addiction, as part of its evangelistic outreach into the community. Called ‘Highway to Recovery’, the Bethel Evangelical Presbyterian Church of England and Wales, Cardiff, will host the meeting on the first and third Saturday of the month. The group is not a recovery programme, but an opportunity for fellowship for anyone recovering from addiction to substances such as alcohol, drugs, tobacco and food. Tea and coffee will be provided. 

The church is on the edge of an area which has major problems with addictions, and the group can be of help to other recovered addicts in the church. Our earnest desire is that we will start to see people who are struggling with substance addiction coming to the church at future meetings.

At the first meeting of the ‘Highway to Recovery’ group, on Saturday 2 May, a small number attended, which included recovered addicts, although everyone present was a member of the church. We had a time of mutual encouragement from God’s Word in Matthew 11:29 and a time of prayer for the work.  We value your prayers. For more information, go to

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