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Page 3 campaign

April 2014

The Evangelical Alliance (EA) has joined more than 135,000 people and organisations in the ‘No more page 3’ campaign, which aims to remove nude images from The Sun newspaper.

The newspaper, which since November 1970 has featured a topless woman on what is usually the second most important page in any news publication, recently put a page 3 girl on the front page, to highlight its campaign to get women to check themselves for breast cancer awareness.

According to The Sun, its ‘Check ’em Tuesday’ campaign, which was backed by several high-profile celebrity women, aimed to save lives.

However, following this decision, the EA, which represents two million Christians across 79 denominations, joined the ‘No more page 3’ campaign, which started in 2012. Steve Clifford, EA’s general director, said, ‘There is no way having naked women featured in a “family” newspaper can be seen as good for society’.

Sue Wilmot, head of supporter relations for the EA, has been scheduled to undergo reconstructive surgery following successful treatment for breast cancer. She said, ‘As a breast cancer survivor, I am passionate about raising awareness among women, both within and outside the church, of the importance of performing regular checks.

‘While I hope many women will be reminded of this through The Sun’s campaign, I am concerned about the tactics the newspaper has used and its attempts to re-brand the increasingly unpopular, page 3 girl feature.

‘I hope that it might respond to the reaction from our members and thousands of others, by no longer using these over-sexualised images of young women’.

As part of the campaign, Mr Clifford has written to every single church leader in the Alliance’s membership, asking them to sign the ‘No more page 3’ petition.

He added: ‘We recognise that the church has not always been great at advocating for women, but, given its recent defiance, it is a time for us to tell The Sun newspaper that enough is enough’.

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