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Pakistan: Christian tortured to death

April 2020

A young Pakistani Christian man was tortured to death for washing himself at a well owned by Muslims. Saleem Masih, 22, could not survive his injures after being tortured, and died at the General Hospital, Lahore, on February 28.

Mr Masih, who lived in Baguyana village, Kasur District – near Lahore – was a labourer, and after unloading a vehicle full of husks on February 25, he went to a nearby well to wash himself.

According to reports from Christian advocacy organisation Claas-UK, when the Muslim landowner, Sher Dogar, found out the young man was a Christian, he started to beat him, calling him a ‘chuhra’ (untouchable).

Together with some friends, they dragged him to their farm, beat, and tortured him. His family begged to take Mr Masih to hospital, where he later died of his injuries.

Ghafoor Masih, Saleem’s father, said, ‘Although there is not much hope, I want justice for my son and those who have killed him must be punished for taking the law into their own hands and killing him for nothing but for being Christian.’

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