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Parents slam government for steering children towards transgender surgery

December 2019

Joan McAlpine SOURCE Twitter
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More than 30 UK families with transgender children are lobbying the government and the National Health Service over what they have called ‘state-sponsored sterilisation’.

The campaign group, which is provisionally being called Our Duty, told The Times that medical professionals are steering confused children and young teenagers towards treatments that can leave them infertile.

Our Duty has claimed the state is enforcing reassignment medication and surgery on young people, regardless of whether the child has any additional needs or psychological problems. This ‘coerced medicalisation’ is having a devastating, long-term mental and physical impact, the group has said.

Quoted in The Times, one father said, ‘My daughter is not transitioning, she is being transitioned by an LGBT cult and by medical professionals. If the mind is telling you the body is wrong, fix the mind, not the body’.

The families all claimed their children ‘suddenly’ identified as transgender, after talking to friends or others online about gender identity. Some of the children are autistic.

According to The Times, one mother said, ‘It just doesn’t make any sense that hundreds of young vulnerable people with mental health issues like my son are being led by the LGBT lobby into the delusion they were born the wrong sex’.

The group’s claims came on the back of a massive backlash from medical professionals, teachers, psychologists and politicians in the UK, all of whom claim that pushing trans ideology on to children could lead to potentially damaging physical and psychological effect on children.

Joan McAlpine, MSP for the South of Scotland, told the Scottish Mail on Sunday she was concerned about the effect of trans identity on women and children.

She told the paper she was concerned about those young people who have changed their minds about transitioning, after having made ‘irreversible changes’ to their bodies.

She commented, ‘There is considerable evidence from medical professionals, including whistleblowers, that this is happening.

‘It is appalling that people who raise these concerns are being shouted down’. Following her comments, she received a torrent of abuse online and not for the first time this year.

In October, one mother announced she was suing the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust’s Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) over its use of puberty-blocking drugs.

She told reporters her 15-year-old daughter is autistic and cannot properly consent to being given the treatments.

As a result, the mother has claimed any procedures should be put on hold until more is known about the effects of hormone-blocking drugs, and an independent review has been carried out about the medication used in gender reassignment.

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