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Pastor Stephen Bignall steps down as ET letters editor

March 2020 | by Roger Fay

Steve Bignall
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This month we say a fond farewell to Stephen Bignall from his role as ET’s letters editor. This task will be continued by John Tredgett (Carlisle).

Steve Bignall emigrated with his wife and children to the UK from Australia in 1997. He studied at London Theological Seminary, while worshipping at Campus Church, Welwyn Garden City. From 1999-2010 he was pastor of Campus Church.

During his time in the UK Steve served on the board of Evangelical Press and as a lecturer and an executive committee member of European Missionary Fellowship.

In 2010 he returned to Australia to work as a full-time missionary with Australian Indigenous Ministries (AIM). From 2013-2017 he was AIM’s field director, working in pastoral support, training initiatives, resourcing, and consultation among indigenous ministers and churches, mainly in the remote and outback regions of Northern Territory, Queensland, and New South Wales.

In 2017 Steve accepted a call to become the pastor of Wee Waa Presbyterian Church in New South Wales, an outback church highly engaged in the wider education, support and training of aboriginal believers.

Stephen returns regularly to the UK for deputation ministry — most recently in 2019, accompanied by aboriginal minister Henry Louie. He serves on two trusts, supporting mission and training among indigenous people, the Gaius Trust UK and the Gospel of Grace Indigenous Teaching Foundation.

Since 1999 Steve has served as ET’s letters editor under three successive ET editors: Edgar Andrews, Roger Fay, and Mike Judge. We are deeply grateful to him for his many years of faithful and insightful service to this newspaper and  we commend his present ongoing ministry to the prayerful and practical support of ET readers.

Roger Fay

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