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Persecution – Bangladesh

May 2015

Extreme vulnerability

A local mob attacked a Christian couple after they were baptised on 2 February, in Gobindagonj, in the Gaibandha district of northern Bangladesh.
According to reports from Barnabas Fund, the incident was reported to the police, but the mob returned to attack the Christian cell group leader, who had baptised a man, known as Samuel, and his wife.

When the couple returned to their home after they were baptised, local residents beat them and one Muslim imam slapped Samuel’s wife on the face in front of their two young children.

Reports said the mob also broke the fence of their home and said they would chase them out of the village for leaving Islam.

The cell group leader heard about the incident and reported it to local police. When the police arrived at the scene, they warned the local community not to continue harassing the Christians, reminding them that in Bangladesh every citizen has the right to practise their faith.

In a statement from Barnabas Fund: ‘With no other Christians living in the village, the family are in an extremely vulnerable position. Such courageous displays of support for minority Christians are unusual from Bangladeshi authorities’.

That night, however, the mob went to the cell group leader’s home and beat him. They tore down the fence of his home and threw it into the pond. He also lost his job.

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