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Persecution South Sudan: Thousands flee

September 2016

Violence in Sudan has seen at least 5,015 people, of whom 90 per cent are women and children, flee to the West Nile region of north west Uganda since July.

According to reports, refugees are overwhelming border crossings with their high numbers. It is reported that, on 17 July alone, 1,633 refugees escaped to Uganda. Most walked or hitched rides on lorries, as the public transport system in South Sudan is no longer functioning. The need is enormous, both in Uganda and South Sudan.

In a statement from international advocacy agency Barnabas Fund, food aid is desperately needed in Juba, the capital of South Sudan, following the violence that broke out again in July. However, this food crisis has been ongoing for months, and people are already dying of hunger-related causes. 

Juba Diocese’s Relief Committee has appealed to Barnabas Fund for help to buy food for at least 12,000 vulnerable people in urgent need.


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