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Persecution: Sudan – Sudanese pastor murdered

May 2018

Masked attackers in Western Sudan murdered a church pastor in Darfur, along with his wife and two daughters in March.

According to reports from Barnabas Fund, the attackers broke into his house early in the morning, gathered the family in the living room and asked Pastor Stephen to explain why he had not responded to their warnings to stop preaching.

In response, Pastor Stephen started telling them about Jesus. Barnabas Fund’s contact writes, ‘They became furious and started to kick him and beat him up seriously’.

According to the reports, the attackers then tried to force the pastor to violate his daughters, Rachel and Priscilla. When he refused, ‘they then began by killing the girls first, then their mother, and finally the pastor himself. They were cut into pieces’.

A young boy who worked for the family witnessed the murders and only escaped death by hiding in the ceiling of the house. After killing Pastor Stephen and his family, the attackers set fire to the church, where hundreds of Christian converts from Islam were sleeping. Some were severely injured, although none of the converts died as a result of the fire.

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