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Persecution: UK – Pastor Song update

August 2018

Paul Song, his MP and Andrea Williams (Credit CC)
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The governor of a different prison has been asked to investigate the case of Pastor Song, the former Brixton prison chaplain who claims he was ousted according to a hard-line Islamist agenda.

Evangelical Times has previously reported that, in August 2017, he was expelled from the prison by a new senior chaplain who is a Muslim. This is despite an unblemished record of volunteering at the prison, without any complaints, and despite testimonials from other staff and inmates who have been helped by Pastor Song.

Other individuals and groups have come forward fearfully, under request for anonymity, claiming they too have been pushed out by the new chaplain. Christian Concern (CC), which is supporting Pastor Song, welcomed the news that a third party has been brought in to investigate Pastor Song’s case.

In a statement, CC said: ‘Please pray for the appointed governor and the prison service, that all involved in Pastor Song’s case would handle it wisely and justly. Please pray that ultimately, Pastor Song would be allowed back into Brixton prison to continue his gospel ministry’

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