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Peter Mackenzie is the new pastor at Melbourne Hall

July 2021 | by Evangelical Times

In April, Peter Mackenzie was inducted to the pastorate of Melbourne Hall Evangelical Church in Leicester.

Church elder and secretary Cliff Harries spoke of pastor Mackenzie’s call to the pastorate at Melbourne Hall. He becomes the ninth pastor since 1878, the first being F. B. Meyer.

Peter himself also spoke of a sense of connection with the church – something he and his wife Sue experienced after his first visit to Melbourne Hall in April 2019.

Peter recalled that he had preached on sovereign grace saving Manasseh (2 Chronicles 33) and on Mark 6, where the Lord Jesus Christ is moved with compassion upon seeing men ‘as sheep without a shepherd’. Peter remarked that ‘when the Lord moves upon you, you can do nothing else!’

Pastor Simon Clarke (Shepshed Word of Life Church, Loughborough) also spoke from the end of John 21. Three times Christ asked Peter if he loved him, and three times Peter proclaimed his love for his Saviour. Three times Jesus then commissioned Peter to feed the flock.

Lessons were drawn from the recommissioning of the Apostle Peter and applied to the commissioning that was taking place as Peter Mackenzie took up the pastorate at Melbourne Hall.

Elders Clive Grosvenor, Cliff Harries, and Wes Miller laid hands on Pastor Mackenzie while elder Ron Brand (Bulkington Congregational Church, Warwickshire – Peter’s previous church) led in prayer.

Pastor Gurnam Singh (Limassol International Evangelical Church, Cyprus) addressed the congregation, exhorting members to encourage and support the new pastor in the coming days. He reminded the congregation to let the pastor know that they pray regularly for him.

The officers of Melbourne Hall are indebted both to the many ministers who travelled (sometimes from afar) to support the church during a three-year interregnum, as well as to the Lord for his gracious provision of a new pastor.

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