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December 2014

Christian charity Compassion has helped to rebuild homes across the Philippines, a year on since Typhoon Haiyan rampaged through the islands.

According to a statement from the charity, which primarily helps children living in poverty, it raised £433,000 to send to the Philippines after the disaster struck. Reports at the time said that entire provinces had become wastelands, with power and communications lost in 360 cities and municipalities across four islands.

In a statement, Compassion said, ‘Within a week, the first cartons of relief goods were delivered, and the first two groups of volunteer doctors were deployed, reaching areas that could not be reached by other relief organisations.

‘They treated 4300 people, regardless of whether they were already in the Compassion programme. By the end of November, every Compassion child had been accounted for and the country office had sent out a total of 107.5 tons of food and non-food relief items. The relief efforts had reached all the communities served by the 63 affected church partners’.

However, Compassion did not pull out after the immediate crisis was over; it helped church partners to rebuild homes. Nearly 3000 families have been re-housed out of 4000 who lost their homes.

According to Pastor de la Peña, leader of the Christian Church Fellowship International: ‘If we had attempted this on our own, it would seem impossible. But it became possible, because of God’s guidance, as he touched the hearts of people to have an open heart to give help. So, thank you very much to Compassion’.








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