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Police standards body investigating arrest of London street preacher

April 2019

Street preacher arrested  Source: Twitter/EyeOnAntisemitism
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The police Professional Standards Unit is investigating the arrest of a street preacher in London.

A disturbing video has been posted online showing officers arresting Oluwole Ilesanmi on Saturday 23 February outside Southgate tube station.

The preacher was arrested for ‘breaching the peace’ after a member of the public complained that he was ‘Islamaphobic’.

In the video of the arrest, police officers are seen handcuffing the preacher and forcefully ripping a Bible out of his hands.

After he was removed from the area, he was de-arrested and no formal charges were brought against him.

Many critics have pointed to police double standards, because the police are reluctant to arrest Muslim hate preachers for fear of breaching their human rights.

The arrest of the Christian preacher was captured on video by Ambrosine Shitrit, a Jewish campaigner from Campaign4Truth and Eye On Antisemitism.

According to Christian Concern, she was driving past Southgate tube station in North London when she saw a tall hooded man squaring up to a small, elderly street preacher.

‘I thought he was about to be assaulted’, Ambrosine said. ‘The preacher was fearless, but if I hadn’t started filming, he would have been attacked. The preacher was not breaching the peace and in no way had he been Islamophobic’.

Ambrosine encouraged the Muslim to debate with the preacher rather than threaten him. Both men then expressed their views to each other and robustly criticised each other’s religion.

Ambrosine mediated and pointed out that Muslims evangelise across London without being threatened or silenced.

Two police officers arrived in response to a 999 call claiming that the preacher had been ‘Islamophobic’.

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