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Politics – Abortion fears

September 2016

Theresa May’s new cabinet poses challenges to pro-lifers, according to anti-abortion campaigners.

Paul Tully, director of parliamentary research for the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC), said the new Prime Minister’s cabinet comprised several members whose track record on abortions left much to be desired.

In particular, SPUC noted the July appointments of Amber Rudd as Home Secretary and Justine Greening as Education Secretary, as well as the re-appointment of Jeremy Hunt as Health Secretary.

Mr Tully said, ‘Ms Rudd is a hard-core supporter of the abortion and sexual rights lobbies and Ms Greening has a poor voting record on abortion, embryology and marriage.

‘In the light of Mr Hunt’s record as Health Secretary and as an individual MP, we will continue to lobby him about the advancing threats posed by the pro-abortion lobby inside and outside of Whitehall’.

However, Mr Tully added, ‘We are glad to note that Priti Patel, the new International Development Secretary, last year voted against sex-selective abortion. We will reach out to Mrs Patel to encourage her to continue supporting efforts against gendercide’.


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