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Politics – Disabled welfare

May 2016

Christians in the UK have reacted to the appointment of professed believer Stephen Crabb MP as the new Secretary of State for Work and Pensions.

As soon as his position was confirmed, following the resignation of Iain Duncan Smith, Christians signed a joint letter coordinated by think-tanks Ekklesia and the Centre for Welfare Reform, asking Mr Crabb to stop cuts to support for disabled and sick people.

Signatories included four Church of England bishops, the Archbishop of Wales, and other senior figures, lay and ordained, across the spectrum of Christian denominations.

The letter said, ‘Now is the time to take stock and begin to adopt a different approach’ from that of cuts to benefits and welfare support for the most vulnerable.

The Most Rev. Barry Morgan, Anglican Archbishop of Wales, said, ‘When he was Secretary of State for Wales, Mr Crabb considered evidence against the proposed Wales Bill and was prepared to change his mind about it. We hope he will be equally open-minded in his new role and will drive through the crucial changes needed for meaningful welfare reform’.

Virginia Moffatt, spokesman from Ekklesia, said, ‘After six years of devastating cuts to welfare that have caused intolerable misery and harm to sick and disabled people and their families, it is time for a new approach’.


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