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Politics – Loving Muslims, exposing Islam

September 2016

Christian Concern has called on Christians not to be afraid to talk about Christ to Muslims, despite media coverage of atrocities carried out allegedly in the name of Islam.

In a statement, Andrea Minichiello Williams, chief executive of Christian Concern, said: ‘Even among Christians, there can be hesitancy about speaking publicly about the errors of Islam. We need to remember we can love Muslims and critique Islam. In fact, it would be unloving to Muslims not to point out why we disagree with their religion.

‘It would mean that we do not want them to experience the love of Christ. As Christians, we should be willing to do what the politicians are afraid to do — to critique and challenge Islam itself’.

Christian Concern said the truth about Islam, especially its oppressive and destructive nature, has often been ‘kept under wraps, for fear of causing offence’.

The statement said, ‘We’re working hard to inform people about the sad reality, including the spread of Sharia courts in Britain, the dangers of Islamic finance, and Islamic discrimination against women.

‘Our Safe Haven project helps those who face danger and difficulty for leaving Islam. For example, we’re helping a Muslim woman who recently came to Christ through the ministry of a local church and now lives under threat of violence from her own family. Safe Haven helped get her the protection she needs’.

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