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Politics – Named Persons threat

January 2018

The Scottish Government is going to redraft its Named Person proposals to get them through the legislature.

In 2016, the UK Supreme Court ruled in a case, in which CARE was a co-petitioner, that the information-sharing sections of the Named Person legislation were unlawful.

The Scottish Government responded by introducing a new bill to the Scottish Parliament addressing the concerns of the court: The Children and Young People (Information Sharing) (Scotland) Bill.

John Swinney MSP, deputy first minister and cabinet secretary for education, has announced that the Scottish government is reconvening a group of experts to redraft the controversial code of practice.

Dr Gordon Macdonald, senior policy officer for Scotland at CARE, said: ‘From the start we have been concerned about the potential for the Named Person scheme, although well intentioned, to undermine the rights of Christian parents to raise their children in accordance with their values and beliefs.

‘It is unfortunate the Scottish government has left it to this late stage before recognising what we and others have been saying, that the code of practice needs clarification and must be compatible with both human rights and data protection law which comes into force in May 2018’.

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