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Politics – Sunday shopping

June 2017

Northern Ireland’s family life will suffer if shops in Belfast could open all day on Sundays, the UK’s major shopworkers’ union (USDAW) has warned.

Belfast City Council has been holding a consultation on allowing all-day opening on 18 days a year, but John Hannett, general secretary of USDAW, warned workers would come under ‘additional pressure’ to work on Sundays if shops are open longer.

USDAW surveyed more than 600 of their members in Northern Ireland in November 2016; two-thirds of respondents said they have ‘already come under pressure to work on Sundays’.

He said the main reason for shopworkers’ opposition to the plans was the ‘detrimental effect this would have on their family life. Sundays would lose a lot of what makes them special and we do not believe that Belfast City Council should pass their proposals’.

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