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Pray for our leaders, whoever they are

July 2017

The fallout after one of the most disastrous elections for the Conservatives has left MPs — and the nation — uncertain about what the new political order will look like.

Theresa May’s general election gamble just days ahead of starting Brexit negotiation did not pay off, with 13 seats lost by the Conservatives and gains of 30 seats made by the opposition, Labour.

Even the Queen’s Speech to Parliament will not allay many concerns about the nature of ongoing debates and key votes vital to the nation’s future.

In a statement, Christian charity CARE requested prayer for Christian MPs in Parliament, saying, ‘Please uphold them and their families, as they look beyond this result, and pray they would cling to Christ in the days to come’. With a Christian voice desperately needed in policy-making, especially as the nation is becoming increasingly godless in outlook and character, Christian organisations have asked churches and individuals to pray for those who remain in power.

Historic freedoms

Colin Hart, director of the Christian Institute, said: ‘Jeremiah 29 teaches us that it is right to seek the welfare of whichever country we live in, however good or bad we think it is. As Christians from across the UK pray for our government and our new MPs, we should ask God that they would act courageously and with integrity’.

He acknowledged that we live in troubling times, especially after a spate of terrorist attacks. But he warned against politicians bringing in a hard-line rash of legislation that will catch out innocent citizens in its wake.

Mr Hart added: ‘We strongly support efforts to combat terrorism and the ideologies which underpin it, but it is vital that the political response is focussed on the cause of these attacks — Islamism — and that Christian freedoms and the civil liberties of innocent citizens are not jeopardised.

‘The government before the election was considering introducing an equality oath that doctors, teachers and other public office holders would be forced to swear, pledging to uphold British values. But forcing people to sign up to a particular government’s view of equality would be dangerous and illiberal’.

He also expressed concern about plans to allow Ofsted inspectors monitor out-of-school clubs and activities. The plans aim to prevent extremist ideology being taught in madrassas, but it could well have the effect of shutting down Sunday schools where teachers advocate a six-day creation or the biblical view of marriage.

Mr Hart echoed CARE’s plea to pray, stating, ‘In the wake of the general election, Christians need to contact their new MPs and urge them not to sweep away the historic freedoms this country was built on.

‘In the weeks ahead let’s do as the Bible says and pray for “all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness” (1 Timothy 2:1-2).’

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