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Prison outreach

March 2013

Prison outreach

 Christian Prison Resources (CPR) has announced there are now roughly 21 weekly Bible studies being held in various prisons from Dover to Liverpool.

      According to its latest newsletter, CPR said it was ‘encouraged’ by the number of those who were professing Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. The newsletter said, ‘There are changed lives and a hatred for sin. Others have knowledge of Jesus and are reading the Bible on a regular basis, but still no real, significant transformation has taken place.

      ‘Some come for the first session to avoid other routines and are not always motivated to interact or play a part. Usually by the end of the first session they want more’.

      CPR asked for supporters to continue praying for the preaching of the Word each Sunday, during which the gospel call is sounded and literature distributed.

      It has also asked people to help fund and support a potential new worker, who was converted during his early days as an inmate and is now coming up to his release (more information: [email protected]).


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