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Pro-Life Down’s Syndrome campaigner gets married

August 2020

Heidi Crowter
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Pro-life campaigner Heidi Crowter, an advocate for the ‘Don’t Screen us Out’ campaign and defender of human rights for people with Down’s Syndrome, has celebrated her marriage.

As the government eased lockdown measures, Mrs Carter — nee Crowter — and her husband James Carter, started to plan their socially distanced wedding at their church, Hillfields Church, Coventry, on 4 July.

Writing on her Facebook page ahead of the event — which was live streamed for all well-wishers and friends who could not attend in person — the new Mrs Carter exclaimed, ‘I’m so excited!’

As showcased on the BBC at the end of June, Mr & Mrs Carter were one of the first couples to be getting married in front of a limited gathering of 30 people as the government allowed weddings to take place from 4 July.

Mrs Carter has spoken about disability rights outside parliament, inside parliament, at the world Down’s Syndrome Congress in Glasgow, at the Church of England Synod, and many other places. She is also part of a research team for helping young people have a say in their education, health, and care plans.

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