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Proclaiming the Good News to thousands in Gloucester

October 2019 | by Roland R Parsons

Believers assembled and ready to evangelise during the Gloucester Carnival.
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‘Proclaiming the Bible Salvation Verses’ to over 30,000 people lining the streets of Gloucester on Saturday 13th July 2019, was a resounding success. The annual Christian outreach to the people watching the Gloucester Carnival procession has taken place every year for the past 36 years.

This year, 33 Christians took part and worked as a team together. The Christians each wore a white garment with a Bible salvation text on their front and back. The Lord of the harvest brought along some Christians to take part whom we had not seen for years.

On Saturday, the Lord was clearly in control in convicting power because, for the second year running, there was a hunger in the people for the Word of God. You could see this conviction on the faces of the people as they saw and heard the words of the Bible.

The twelve Christians who were giving away gospel tracts to the huge crowds could not keep up with all the people reaching out to obtain one. Some people were grabbing the tracts before others could get them. 3,600 were received by the people, and four individuals requested a complete King James Bible. Useful conversations took place.

Carried by Molly and Rebekah at the front of the procession was the banner with the message, ‘The Blood of Jesus Christ’.

John and Roland walked side by side, proclaiming the Bible salvation verses using a 22-inch bell amplifier mounted on a ‘chariot’ pushed by Terry.

The ‘chariot’ carried a huge banner saying, ‘No one comes to the Father except through Me – Jesus said’. Another huge banner carried by Steve and David said, ‘The Holy Spirit and Fire’.

Next, a Porsche 944 Turbo car driven by Jonathan had the ‘Jesus is LORD’ banner on it and other Bible texts. A second vehicle, driven by Valerie, had a 15-foot long display which said, ‘Jesus: I am the bread of life, he that cometh to Me shall never hunger’. A third vehicle, driven by Rob, had a flat-bed on which Cy stood, preaching the gospel to the huge crowds watching.

In addition, an older man, Stanley, put Bible texts around his electric wheel chair in the 1 mile procession. Two young mums walked with pushchairs and supervised the seven children who wore Bible text jackets and offered gospel tracts to other children. The Christians then enjoyed fellowship at a fish and chip supper in Gloucester Park, sitting on the grass in the pleasant July sunshine.

Roland R. Parsons

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