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Protestant petition

September 2010

Protestant petition


Several Protestant groups have joined forces to protest against the pope’s visit to the UK this month. A joint statement put out by a coalition, which includes the Protestant Truth Society, was sent to government ministers, reminding them of the history of the church in Britain.

     The statement read: ‘Remembering Martin Luther’s historic protest in 1517 against the errors of the Church of Rome, we the undersigned protest against the state visit of the pope to the UK. The pope claims to be the supreme head of the universal church and that all governments should be subject to him.

     ‘There is only one head of the universal church and that is the Lord Jesus Christ. No man can claim that title. We reject the pope’s absurd pretensions to power over governments and churches. In particular we reject his blasphemous claim to infallibility’.

     The statement went onto affirm the supremacy of Scripture and the lack of biblical basis for the doctrines of the Catholic Church, outlining the false beliefs of saint worship, prayers to Mary, confession or purgatory.

     It finished by stating: ‘The papal visit is a betrayal of our Protestant constitution and of the gospel that sustains it. Christ promised: “He that believeth on me hath everlasting life”. He alone is King of kings’.



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