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Reformation and Revival Fellowship Conference

February 2019 | by Roger Hitchings

Geoff Thomas
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Every year, in mid-November, about 70 people make the journey to Swanwick in Derbyshire for the annual conference of the Reformation and Revival Fellowship.

There were two speakers this year, Geoff Thomas and George Macaskill. Both men were faithful to Scripture and warm in the delivery of the messages that the Lord had laid on their hearts.

Geoff expounded the first seven verses of Zechariah 3. The glory of forgiveness and salvation was seen as Joshua’s rags were removed and he is clothed.

Geoff also looked at the commission given to Joshua, reminding us all of the calling to serve God in our day and generation. It was rich fare and a privilege to be present.

George Macaskill was new to the conference. Having fulfilled his ministry in Stornaway, he is now engaged in itinerant ministry.

In many ways, his themes paralleled those of Geoff’s. Starting with Psalm 32:5, he spoke of sin and the need for a Saviour. He reminded us all of full forgiveness in Christ.

George’s second address was from Hebrews 12:14, setting out the doctrine of sanctification. Both preachers went back to fundamentals, but in an entirely fresh and relevant way.

The third address, from John 1:1, encouraged trust in the Lord amid difficult times. One notable quotation used was from Calvin, who said, ‘If there were no troubles there would be no role for faith’, an emphasis much needed in our day.

Roger Hitchings

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