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Reformation – Reformation celebration in Ulster

May 2017 | by Ron Johnstone

The Free Presbyterian Church of Ulster’s (FPCU) ‘Get Ready for Reformation’ year of events has been a success so far, with outreach planned across Northern Ireland in celebration of the Reformation.

Any congregation wishing to hold a Reformation service or seminar is welcome to use the graphics and text created by the FPCU’s committee, which can be used for exhibitions in churches and schools.

One of the FPCU’s churches, the Martyrs Church, has created a Reformation room, with many exhibits. Seven schools are already booked to visit and the church expects many more will come in future months.

The Reformation 500 Committee is planning on printing a booklet on art paper of the graphics and text from the display boards, to make available to schools/individuals to take when they visit an exhibition arranged by a local congregation.

There is a new webpage, which can be found at, and the committee has already raised £70,000 for posting gospel literature into every home in Northern Ireland in September, as mentioned in Evangelical Times in January 2017. The committee needed £60,000, and has said it will use the extra money for further publications.

At Easter, the committee launched a CD of 13 hymns, traditionally performed, on Reformation themes, and professionally recorded. It is called ‘Steadfast In Your Word’ and can be downloaded from iTunes.

Dr Ron Johnstone

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