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Rob Childs ordained at Droylsden Independent Church, Manchester

January 2021 | by Mary Gilbertson

Revd Rob Childs was ordained and inducted to the pastorate of Droylsden Independent Church, Manchester, in October.

Droylsden’s former pastor, Revd Ian Densham, led the ordination. Revd Dr Thomas Brand (Director of the Evangelical Fellowship of Congregational Churches) and Revd Jackie Brown (People’s Hall Evangelical Church, Bridgnorth) also officiated.

Ian addressed Rob with seven points from 1 Timothy 4: be honest, be hungry, be humble, make progress, be honourable, be holy, and be happy.

Andrew Gilbertson (deacon) then gave a history of Rob’s call to the church. He came initially for two years in 2016 as minister-in-training; this was extended to assistant pastor for two years. Towards the end of Rob’s training, Ian asked the church to consider Rob for the pastorate.

Rob himself spoke with emotion about the stages of his journey to the ministry. His former pastor at Bridgnorth, Revd Jackie Brown, had encouraged his preaching, which led to him studying at EMW Theological College. He met Ian at a Minister’s Prayer Conference in 2016, which began his connection with Droylsden.

Revd Gwynne Evans (Hayes Town Chapel) then spoke from Ephesians 4. He charged Rob that his work was to equip men and women and build up the saints.

Addressing the church, Gwynne stressed the importance of communicating with their pastor concerning such matters as attendance; of commitment in terms of practical and financial matters; of working with him in spreading the gospel message; and of being open to changes that Rob may make.

Mary Gilbertson

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