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Roland Burrows retirement

March 2019 | by Paul Stonelake

On 8th December 2018, a service was held at Ebenezer Baptist Chapel in Old Hill, West Midlands to give thanks for the pastoral ministry of Mr G Roland Burrows. Several hundred people gathered from local churches as well as further afield.

Mr Stephen Ford chaired proceedings. He explained how his friendship with Mr Burrows developed during their involvement with the Christian Worship Hymnbook Committee.

Mr Alun McNabb preached for the occasion. Under his ministry at Dudley Baptist Chapel, Mr Burrows was converted, married and called to the ministry. He spoke profitably from 1 Corinthians 4:2, ‘Moreover it is required in stewards that a man be found faithful’.

The application of this text to the faithful ministry of Mr and Mrs Burrows throughout nearly twenty years at Old Hill was evident. The church was helpfully reminded of the importance of faithfulness to preaching, prayer and holy living in any future pastor.

Mr Paul Hickman, on behalf of the church at Ebenezer, thanked Mr and Mrs Burrows for their dedication in serving the church. Their industriousness has been an exemplar to all. In addition to pastoral duties, Mr Burrows had written several books and served on the Trinitarian Bible Society Committee.

He had been, with his wife Anne, very involved with the Cherith Trust (a charity supporting elderly Christians), taught Crown College USA students and helped establish and run the Christian Heritage Centre at Rowley Regis. All these activities, in addition to an itinerant preaching ministry, are planned to be continued into ‘retirement’!

A monetary gift was presented, together with a keepsake photographic album assembled to represent memories of individuals over the entire period of the pastorate. Furthermore, a book had been prepared containing appreciative comments from the Ebenezer congregation.

The service was followed by an excellent tea to which many stayed and enjoyed further fellowship. A special cake was presented, shaped as a large tome in recognition of Mr Burrows’ love of collecting (and quoting) books!

The farewell service inevitably carried feelings of sadness at the loss of such a pastor, but this was eclipsed by a sense of thankfulness for the Lord’s goodness and blessing to us as a church.

We trust and pray that the Lord will continue to supply our needs as we seek a new pastor. We wish Mr and Mrs Burrows every blessing and continued fruitfulness in their future ministry together.

Paul Stonelake

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